Car Rental Service in Leominster, MA

If you require a rental: 

1. If you have rental on your policy the payment options are either $15.00 or $30.00 per day with a $450.00 or $900.00 limit per claim, or 30 days. Some customers may also have a $15.00 day endorsement from AAA.

2. In most cases thirty days is not necessary to repair a vehicle. If you feel you are getting close to your limit call your insurance company and ask if you can have an extension, especially if the delay is due to the fact their adjuster did not arrive in a timely manner which contributed to the delay.

3. If you do not have rental on your policy, you may be able to have the other parties insurance company pay for your rental if they are assuming liability. This may take up to two weeks and sometimes longer to obtain. Ask your agent to assist you with making sure the other insurance company has obtained all the information they require to determine liability.

4. Make sure you notice the gas level when you obtain the rental to avoid additional charges if you return the vehicle with less gas than when you were given the vehicle.

At American Auto Body, we will assist you with obtaining a rental. The rental can be available when you drop off your vehicle for repair as well as leaving the rental when your car is repaired and ready for pick up.


Happy Customers

"I was in a major accident in my new car.  Based on all of the positive reviews for American Auto Body, I figured I'd give them a chance to repair my vehicle. Not only are all the staff very friendly and helpful, but they did phenomenal..."

Kyle Pariseau

"Couldn't be happier. Car looks great! The service was friendly and accommodating. A big thank you to Mary! The whole process was smooth and stress free. The only stress was figuring out how to pick it up on time because it was ready so quickly."

Denise Ulrich

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